Overcoming Addiction

The basis of addiction is ego stubbornness. Whether it's addiction to an idea or a substance, we cling to something that makes us feel good or offers a false hope. I'm sure you've heard of a dry drunk. Some people give up drinking and become religionaholics or speechaholics.
There is something about pride that makes it cling to someone or something.
It is ironic but poetic justice that the ego, which seeks freedom in drugs or excitement, then becomes addicted to and enslaved by what it sought to use. And when it seeks a salvation in a false sense of goodness, it becomes enslaved to it.
There is no freedom without truth and love.
We all need truth with love. Truth without love is like someone talking at you instead of to you. Love without truth is like the condescending, consoling permissive smother love.
Truth with love is like what they used to call tough love. It is honest, like a breath of fresh air. It doesn't want anything from you. It's like a wake up call.
And the first thing that truth with love will tell the addict is that he or she has a problem because of a wrong attitude.
It is resentment that begins our downward slide from innocence and freedom into slavery. We resent our mom or dad or someone else. Someone or something comes along and comforts us in our resentful state, and we then become enslaved by that comfort.
Therefore, if you want to recover from any enslavement, you must first be willing to admit that you are a slave. You must be willing to admit that it is your ego attitude--thinking you have a right to hate, a right to judge, and a right to blame--that makes you resentful.
As long as you want to cling to pride and refuse to be sorry, you will be open to false comforts. Everywhere there are comforters from the netherworld who love you just the way you are and permit you to sink to any level without shame. Ultimately, they keep you from conscience and claim you for themselves.
Truth with love is what we all need. But who has the love to tell you what you need to hear? It's a thankless job.
Fortunately, you can find truth with love on your own. It's as near as your own conscience which wordlessly and gently makes you aware that there is something wrong with the prideful, resentful lifestyle.

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