Find the Positive State of Mind to Keep Out Negative Suggestion

You are never more vulnerable to psychic attack than when you are resentful.

If you don't believe me: here are a couple of examples. Have you ever noticed, for example, that when you are feeling resentful or morbidly dark, others seem to sense it and "attack" you with negative comments. Some people have a sixth sense for getting to you when your defenses are down.

Careful. In your morbid negative state of mind, those comments can become suggestions. And the suggestions can become programming. The slightest psychic weakness on your part, and someone will suggest "you look tired." Or "you must be getting sick."
Perhaps even more insidious is the ego supportive "help" that others rush in with when you are resentful or in a negative mood. They might even offer you a pill or a drink. They stroke and support your ego with the comforting suggestion that you are okay just the way you are, and that you just need others to appreciate you.

Here's the truth: resentment is hatred and judgment. It makes you negative and separates you from your own ground of being. And it thus makes you vulnerable to tease and temptation. Others sense your vulnerability and rush in to take advantage.

But if you could drop the resentment, your stable positive state of mind (nurtured by the inner good) would provide you with a force field that would protect you from psychic attack.

Here's another example: next time you are resentful over something, just notice how a host of negative thoughts enter your mind. The things that come to your mind at that point to say or do are often vicious, mean, creatively cruel, and destructive. They seem to be able to assail you only when you are resentful.

It is critically important that you become aware of the role of resentment in creating negative moods and states of mind that seem to attract negative suggestions, both in your mind and from others.

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