Where Can I Ask a Pastor A Question 24/7

"The guy is amazing. He never gives up. He has a heart for people, especially people on the internet. He is one man whirlwind. You've heard of Playboy After Dark, now this guy has started Christian After Dark for people up at night who need some help with stress, anxiety and worries."
MIke - somewhere in California

"I'm an internet person and I love people on the internet, says Pastor Roland.

Many churches have a webpage. Some even have "volunteers" to answer emails. Finally a Senior Pastor devotes himself to the worldwide web and internet people.

Pastor Roland also knows that many people are up all night and some of them surf the internet. They are looking for answers. They want someone who is there for them - really there for them - not just a faceless webpage or someone at a phone bank. 

Pastor Roland is now offering a new free ask a pastor service.

Pastor Roland has an exciting Talk to a Pastor Radio Show that airs in Palm Springs, CA and also in Pensacola Florida and Scranton PA.

Now you can ask Pastor Roland a question by phone

New. Ask Roland a question by phone. Leave your question or comment on his listener call in line. Your question or comment will be left on his answering machine. Roland will play some comments and answer some questions on the radio!

Here is the link to the Talk to a Pastor Radio Show

Conquer worries, doubts and fears. If you are pacing the floor all night, if you toss and turn, if money and work problems have you tense and worried at night - Pastor Roland has a new website devoted exclusively for night people.

Some people are up at night to work, others because they are studying, and others because they like the night. But some people can't sleep because of worries, doubts, and fear.

Pastor Roland has been helping people with insights and his meditation for over 20 years. He wants to make sure that night people find out about his meditation and free self help resources for dealing with worries, doubts, and fears.

New! If you are a Christian Night Owl, visit Pastor Roland's new 24 hour Christian After Dark website.


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