Online Pastor - Want to Know Where Most of My Friends Are?

You can also be anywhere in the world. I talk to people from many countries. Here are the most internet users by country.  I've had visitors from all these countries and talked to people from many more.

Want to know where most of my friends are? Here are my top countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, India, Germany, Australia, France, Philippines, and Brazil. I also have friends in Nigeria and Pakistan, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, Jamaica, Norway and the list goes on and on.  I love you all!

This is a full service Pastor Chat. I have free chat for good people around the world who can't afford anything or who just don't know a pastor they feel comfortable asking a question. I also have podcasts of radio lectures and sermons.

For those who have a big issue they want to talk about, I have counseling by Skype, phone, email or live texting chat at Liveperson.

I honestly believe I have the finest personal pastoral service on the web today. I have been counseling and coaching people with life and relationship issues for 23 years. I have a Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology and am the author of 14 books.

But even more importantly, I care about people. I care so much I will tell you the truth. I care so much I have been doing this as a volunteer for 23 years.

How it all started.

It all started with my radio program. One day I walked into the offices of KEST Radio in San Francisco and inquired about buying air time. I bought some air time and got started. I've been on the air ever since. I talked to people about being more forgiving, about being patient with their kids, about how to start letting go of anger. 

I saw that people need help calming down and becoming objective and unemotional. People need to be able to stand back and look calmly at what is bothering them. But most people can't. They are lost in thinking, constantly pulled on by distractions, and generally lost in a drug induced or emotional fog. This makes them confused and anxious when they see how out of control they are. Unfortunately medication and self medication only increase the fog and lead to other issues too. They try anything from yoga to exercise to various groups, but mostly these are palliative care.

These things help help a little, even a lot, but are they not THE answer. They relieve symptoms but don't solve the cause. And, unfortunately, these things also tend to be distractions from the heart of the matter.

Like i said, I saw that people need help calming down and looking at issues objectively. So I took the kind of meditation that helped me, put it in my own words, and began to send it to people for free or a small donation (back then people did not download from the computer like we do now - I sent an audio cassette tape).

Next I saw that people wanted some supplemental reading material - so I began to write. My first book was entitled Becoming You. Then came Finding the Discover Path. Then I wrote Relationships- the Key to Life. None of these books are available at this time. But I do have many books, which incorporate the material in my first books, available on Amazon and other places. 

So here I am, a volunteer pastor to the world. I have imitators, but no one else comes close.
This is a full service Pastor Chat. I have free chat for good people around the world who can't afford anything or who just don't know a pastor they feel comfortable asking a question. I also have podcasts of radio lectures and sermons.

Hi, this Pastor Roland. My avatar wants to take you on a short tour of my resources. But first I want to keep it simple and tell you exactly what services we have.

Need to talk to a chaplain? I'm a pastor and author, and trained and worked as a chaplain at a large hospital. I'm the author of 14 books. You can listen to me on the radio - I've been around for 23 years - so you can hear where I am coming from.

There is a need for chaplains on the Internet and word wide web.  There is the need for a person you can listen to and read what he says - in other words a real person who is not just anonymous and faceless. There is also a need for someone who knows how to relate to everyone - like a chaplain - and ready to help no matter who you are, what religion you have or don't have, and no matter where you come from.

You don't have to be a Christian to talk to me. You don't have to be religious or spiritual. I talk to people, that's all.

Many people are already in treatment. That's fine. I am a spiritual care giver. What I do is complementary. When I worked at the hospital, the good doctors and nurses attended to the physical care of the patients, and I attended to spiritual care. Sometimes we need one, sometimes we need both. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to - someone with our  best interests at heart.

Broke, can't afford a penny?  No problem. Here's why. Othey people have already paid for yours! They contacted me through  Liveperson, Ingenio, or they sent me a small donation to help me keep going.

One of the reasons they use my Liveperson, Ingenio services or send me a donation at Paypal is because they know that I will use the money to help others.

So just send me an email and and tell me your issue. i will answer by email or we can even schedule a free texting session. If you need help, just ask. We have all been there. I have been broke too. If with my help you get control of your emotions, start find your spiritual roots and clean up your life, then God will have already blessed you, and you can help me at that time. So don't be too prideful to ask for help.

Who am I.  I am a regular guy who is committed to helping people wake up to the spiritual side of life. I do not lay an dogma on people. I wish for people to see for themselves what is true. I like to help people let go of resentment and shed the baggage from the past. There's a whole new world waiting for you out there, if you can get out of being lost between your ears and wallowing in negative emotions.
Now, I see that my avatar is anxious to get started showing you around. So I'll turn it over to him. Blessings!
Pastor Roland

Okay, I would like to introduce my avatar.  His name is Rolly. See ya

Hi, I am Roland's avatar.

Got a minute?

Great! I would like to take you on a guided tour of the wonderful virtual world of self help resources that Roland has to offer.

So if you are ready to see the sights, let's get started.
"Looking for free Christian counseling resources? Got a relationship, marriage or life question? Are you stressed out? Confused? Got a Bible question?

"I'm a pastor," says Pastor Roland who has an earned MS and Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology,

and I make myself available to people on the internet. I've been helping people via my radio program, books, articles, and private counseling for 23 years.

Top Flight: I offer professional pastoral counseling 7 days a week for personal issues and feedback via texting, phone, and email.

Text Roland a question. You must be 18
Second tier: we offer an outstanding array of free educational and self help resources, including free audio lectures and sermons, hundreds of posts and articles, and even free eBooks.

Let's start with Talk to Roland.

This is the place to ask Roland a question using Live chat.  You can text a question to Roland for a quick answer. Just look in the right sidebar. Pastor Rolly has chatted and answered questions from all over the world - England, France, Germany, Spain, Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and many more regions, countries and cities.  

The guy at the keyboard with earphones on is Roland. He started his radio show in San Francisco almost 23 years ago. Every since, he has volunteered his time and effort to help people find their spiritual roots, cope with stress, and heal relationships.

Now let's go to the 24/7 Self Help Resource Center.

This is our hub, where you can find information about all of our resources.

But the best part of the resource center is The meditations! Roland has been researching an developing them for over 20 years.

They are mindfulness meditations based on spiritual principles.
There is a meditation for stress,

a meditation for anger management,
a meditation for pain management.
There is also a meditation for PTSD

Roland likes to say that the practice of the meditation is the bread and butter of your daily walk.

For example, there is a link to Healing Relationships. So let's just click on the Healing relationships link and take a look.

You have probably already guessed that this is by far Roland's most popular blog. People come from all over the world who are having relationship and marriage issues. At his blog you will find (in the right sidebar) links to his most popular articles and posts.

You will also find how to preview free and order his popular book The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage: Making Relationships Work.

I almost forgot the best of all - you can actually hear Roland on the radio talking about conquering stress, healing relationships, developing prayer life, finding your path in life, and much more.

His radio program airs every Sunday, but you can listen to it anytime 24/7 by going to the audio archives.

Roland has so many books, articles, links (such as his guide to online etherapy) that you can keep coming back and finding a treasure trove of useful information. And fun too.

For instance?

I have to go soon, but I'll give you a couple of for instances.

For instance.

Because Dr. Roland is interested in Christian Mindfulness Meditation, he likes writers such as Thomas a Kempis, Charles Wesley, A. B. Tozer, Francois Fenelon, St. Francis de Sales, Brother Lawrence, Miguel de Molinos,  and Madame Jeanne Guyon.

He just published a book with excerpts from four of the above writers, and if you look in the right sidebar, you will see a picture of its cover.

Oh, before I go.

If you have a question that requires more than just a quick answer at Free chat
or if you want to remain anonymous,
or if you want to talk by phone,
or are interested in personalized help or coaching,
Roland's virtual office is the place for you to check out.  

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Now you are on your own. Have fun.

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