Dreams, What Do they Mean?

Over many years on the radio Roland has answered lots of questions about coping with stress and improving relationships.

As the years have gone by, Roland has gotten better at answering questions and his spiritual knowledge has deepened.

"Hi, this is Roland. A few months ago I began to develop an interest in helping people with their dreams. Most of us have had dreams where we really wondered what it meant.

Now I would like to help people with Christian dream interpretation, spiritual dream interpretation, and positive dream analysis.  What does my dream mean? is being asked more and more.

Dreams are important. They are a land where we can learn to cope and deal with situations. A dream can be either a way of learning about yourself and perhaps working things out psychologically. it can also be a message from God.

Dreams are both psychological and symbolic.

Dreams can also be a barometer to give you a clue about your mental and emotional state. (and indicate, for example, that you are under stress, working too hard, or not dealing properly with someone in your life.

For a while, I will entertain dream questions at free chat and free email. If the questions are not good or people are taking advantage or being dishonest, I will have to answer dream interpretation questions only for a small fee at Liveperson. In fact, if you don't mind paying $5.00, I will give your questions priroity at Liveperson.

But I will give it a try and if the questions are good and people are grateful, I will answer questions for free.

The only thing is that you must be at least 18 years of age. Not all questions can be answered.

It is alson good if you check out my radio programs and perhaps try the meditation. When you are calm and centered, you will be in a better position to benefit from dream analysis.

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Your friend, 


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