Free Meditation for Beginners to Help with Stress

Most of us can hardly focus because we are lost in thinking and imagining. We get lost in worries, fears and negative emotions. We keep thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Perhaps you have noticed this yourself. 

We are distracted and  not centered, so when problems arise, instead of solving them, we get lost in worries, doubts and fears. The unfinished business combined with feeling off balance and out of control leads to anxiety.

The fact is that most of us are lost in thinking and imagining. We are lost in our distractions.

Many times when I am at Starbucks or at the library I see someone who comes in to study. He or she pulls out a textbook or notebook and begins to study, but after about 5 minutes, s/he inevitably reaches for the mobile device and begins scrolling for text messages or emails. People need a powerful distraction to help them stop falling into compulsuve thinking and negative thoughts and emotions.

Why not meditate instead? It is free. It has no side effects. It helps you get free from worries in a positive way.

It is for this reason that I recommend beginning with the meditation available here.

If you cannot study or focus properly, constantly reaching for your iPhone to check text messages or constantly lost in your music or video games, how are you going to solve issues or even pray properly? Moreover, there is a residual effect that lingers after your texting, music, Internet or video game indulgence. It is called mental fog or brain fog.

When lost in thought, we are not fully there. You can drive right past your freeway exit.
All of this is to say that when people are immersed in the thought stream (or lost in emotional thinking), they are not totally there.

But the person who learns to meditate properly is restored to objectivity. Mentally standing back from thought, the person can observe thought instead of being lost in it.

Therefore, I recommend that you first clear the mind and learn to mentally stand back for objectivity.

The person who is not immersed in thinking and feeling, and mentally stands back from the thought stream is re-centered. Freedom and self sovereignty return.

When you begin to meditate properly, you will discover that you will be able to concentrate for the first time. Before you were merely caught up in one thing or another. When your attention was captured by one thing and another you were distracted. When you fixated on one thing for a long time, you thought you were concentrating, but your attention had been captured.

Once you begin to meditate, you will be in a state of mind which is receptive to common sense and problem solving.

Here is the very simple and easy meditation for beginners. It is in 2 parts.

Practice Part 1 three times and then do Part 2

Part 1     Getting Centered

Part 2    Getting Grounded

If you like the meditation, listen to the 20 minute mini lecture about putting the patience and confidence you gain from the meditation into practice

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