Real Recovery

Welcome to a blog which provides real answers. Humans are more than mere animals. We also have a consciousness or awareness. A parrot can be trained to say "one plus one equals two." But the human, even a little child, can see that one plus one equals two.
We have a soul. It is for that reason that humans are very sensitive creatures. You may have noticed that despite all your planning and scheming, despite all the books you've read and all the classes you've attended--your relationship with your kids or mate is still problem-ridden. You may have tried following the advice of experts, only to discover that their own lives are a mess.
Where can we find real answers? Much closer than you realize. We were given a consciousness, and with that consciousness we can realize answers.
Just as you can suddenly "get" a joke or suddenly realize the solution to a math problem, you can realize solutions to the deepest problems of existence. If you are looking in books or to experts, you are looking in the wrong place. You have your God-given intuition. And if you would learn to heed it and trust it, you would realize solutions into existence.
Have you ever had a gut level feeling not to turn into an alley or not to get in a car. This was your intuition warning you. It grows stronger as the danger increases. This intuition is there all the time, not just to protect you from danger, but to give you delicate wordless guidance to steer you through life.
Right now you know your intuition as conscience, but only because you have strayed from it. If you became friends with it, it wouldn't feel like conscience. It would be a friend and provide just in time intuitive guidance.
I am writing to remind you of your own God-given common sense and intuition.
More to come.

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