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Overcoming Stress
Humans were meant to be intuitive and independent. Instead, most of us are emotional and up to our necks in obligations and worries. What has gone wrong?
The problem is our emotional reaction to the presence and pressure of authority. From the time you were a child, you have been trained and conditioned to react emotionally to things. Because we are born as little egos, not yet spiritually mature, it was natural that we reacted somewhat emotionally. But parents are supposed to protect us from too much emotionality. They are also supposed to be outgrowing their emotional reactions themselves--setting a good example by being calm, composed and reasonable.

Instead, our parents were often emotional, and worse yet, they pressured us or were impatient with us--causing us to react emotionally to them. From that moment on, conditioning made us forevermore reactive (unless we find the secret to not responding emotionally).
Most of us spend much of our time suppressing emotion, avoiding people who might upset us, and looking for distractions or drugs to alleviate the symptoms.

Once we start reacting, our conditioned responses are transferred from person to person, to situation, objects, sights sound and smells. If a person upsets you, then even the sound of their voice, their name, or another person who resembles them can upset you.
That, in a nutshell is how we lose control. Authority is transferred from the inside to the outside. External people become our authority, and we respond emotionally as if we were little kids. It may not always be obvious on the outside, but inside we can develop a headache, stomach ache or worse.

When a person (or by transference, an object) can upset you, then you will bend over backwards to obey that person, so that they will leave you alone or not pressure you. That's how they control you.

So, what to do? Get the meditation that we offer at the Center for Common Sense Counseling. Learn how to stand back and observe life without reacting to everything.

People who are emotional are out of control, and their emotion is like a drug. Remember Spock in Star Trek? He was calm and unemotional. When the going got tough, he was the one that could be counted on. I'm not asking you to give up emotions right away.

I'm simply making you aware that to the extent that you meet the moment with patience and understanding--to that extent you will be the master of the moment. You will then not have to suppress or repress emotions, because you didn't become upset in the first place. You will start to become your own person.

To recover a natural zest for life and a joyous sense of discovery, you must give up what is blocking you. What is blocking you is your over reacting emotionally. Over reacting drains you until you begin to fear facing life. Over reacting makes you guilty before conscience and so you shy away and take a back seat. Over reacting keeps bad memories alive, ruining the present. And the worst emotion of all is resentment. It defeats you, makes you guilty, and makes you feel inferior.

Learn the secret of remaining unmoved in the moment of stress, and you will regain your natural courage to go forth on a journey of adventure through life.

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