Be Ye Not Conformed to the World, Part 2

A wonderful example of not being conformed to the world was given us by Spock in Star Trek. Of all the people on the Starship Enterprise, he was the one who could be counted on the most. He always did what was right and remained reasonable and dispassionate regardless of the circumstances. For this reason, he was courageous. His courage came not from emotion, but from a deep commitment to what is right and sensible.

When we are emotional, we are actually reacting to the world. We take our shape from those reactions. The next time the same situation arises, so do emotions. And emotions take their toll, especially anger. The day will come when we fear our anger and what it does to us. That day, we will shrink from what is required. The day will come when a lifetime of emotions leaves us drained and our organs and glands sick. We won't have the energy to act, because our energy has always come from emotion instead of from honor.

And when we are emotional, we act unreasonably under the pressure of emotion. Our words and actions are too strong or too weak. Emotion washes away reason, until we can't even see what is reasonable. Afterwards, we are guilty for what we said or did and thereby afraid to speak up.
If you want to begin to not be conformed to the world, then wean yourself from emotions.

Mostly they are selfish. Mostly they are an indulgence. It is especially important to learn to not resent. Resentment is the emotion of pride. And pride responding to the world will enslave you to to the world. Resentment makes you weak. It separates you from the good force. Resentment makes you feel inferior. Nothing good comes from resentment.

When the air turbulence occurs, we want our airline pilot to be calm and composed. We want our surgeon to be steady. We want others to do their duty. And so must you learn to be.

As a parent, your children need you to be calm, reasonable, and strong. Not angry, but with the kind of quiet strength that comes from a deep commitment to what is right. Then through your reason can come wisdom and through your calmness can come patience. They need you to be stronger than the world.

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