How to Find a Good Online Counselor or Therapist

How do I find an online counselor or therapist? Good question. You deserve an answer.

I want to give you some resources, but let me just say this. Find someone with a heart, with understanding and common sense. Find someone who has some experience. Those of us who have a really wise grandma, grandpa, dad, or a trusted senior mentor are very fortunate.

I would begin by becoming educated and informed. Spend some time looking over some free resources about online counseling and about online therapy. Then with a little background, you will be better able to decide if online counseling is something you want to consider, and secondly who to select.

As a free service to the internet community, I would like to share with you some informative places to quickly get some helpful information. Starting off with these sources will save you time. I chose them not because I have anything to do with them. I don't. But the information is easy to read, client friendly, inclusive, and informative.
This is a starting place. Of course, I have to repeat that I am not endorsing these people. I just like the information they provide to help people become informed and educated.

Wally Gengrich - good one page overview of the pluses and minutes of eTherapy, with a list of additional resources online. - The A, B, C's of Internet Therapy - answers a lot of questions about cost, issues, is it right for me, privacy, e-therapy history and much more. Personal experiences from beyond conventional perspectives and mainstream treatments, and features authors, advocates, scientists, and artists. Listen to radio programs featuring survivors and advocates. Good source of information about harm reduction There is so much informative, touching, compassionate and honest information here that you may wish to subscribe to the RSS feed because it is frequently updated.

Psychiatric Drug Facts with Dr. Peter Breggin - Called the psychiatrist with a heart, his site is a wealth of credible information about therapy, meds and empathetic counseling Link

For a list of more online recovery resources including YouTube resources, as well as my thoughts on such topics as spiritual recovery, complementary meditation, and the state of Christian counseling today see Victory over Depression


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