What is a Husband's and Father's Role- Excerpts from Dr. Roland's New Book

The following is an excerpt from a chapter of Dr. Roland's new book. It contains metaphysical and psychospiritual wisdom gleaned from a quarter century of research and working with people. 

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It is obvious and comical to observe a person who has been hypnotized on stage do some foolish thing post hypnotically that he was told to do by the hypnotist. 

Asked why he did it, the person makes up a reason. Even when informed that the hypnotist had told him to do it, the person usually refuses to believe it. Why did the Lord make us so that when we do something under another's will we think we thought of it and willed it ourselves? He wants humans to have their own personhood and sense of independence.

All of us like a sense of accomplishment. We like to discover things and figure things out for ourselves. We like to solve puzzles and build things. If we had no sense of self, we could not know the joy of self-determination. All good comes from the Lord, and so discovery and true helpfulness are more a function of God's truth and love than of ourselves. But without a sense of selthood, we could not reciprocally love God after being loved and blessed by Him.

As an analogy, each beautiful plant—whether rose, orange tree, or magnolia—is an individual, unique and with great beauty and usefulness. But actually, it is the light and warmth of the sun that make it all possible. The plant is a sun dependent creature, using the light and warmth of the sun to fashion its own uniqueness.

Yet although the plant can have a natural affection for the warmth of the sun, it cannot know God, appreciate Him or love Him. In an absolute sense, the plant is dependent on God, because He created and sustains the sun. But in a practical sense, the plant is dependent on the sun, its source of life.Man does not live by bread alone, the Bible says. In order to be truly human we need wisdom to deal with other people, and we need patience and understanding. 

Without wisdom, patience and understanding, we begin to falter. The Creator is the source of wisdom and understanding. Thus it is obvious that we are dependent on Him for these. The plant cannot get light and warmth from other plants. It needs the earthly sun on which it is dependent. The human soul cannot get patience and understanding from other people. 

The human must get them directly from the spiritual sun: the Creator. Kids are looking for something from their parents. Wives are looking for something from their husbands. Kids and decent women are teasing for patience and understanding.Where will the husband and father get the patience and wisdom to deal with his wife and children? Directly from the sun: the spiritual light and warmth of the Creator, which contains patience and understanding.

You can't get the magical spiritual light and warmth from ministers, counselors, experts, gurus, lovers, or anyone.

But wait! Didn't I just say that the father should have wisdom and understanding? He can, if he finds an inner bond with the Creator. Then the essence gleaned enters him and through the emptiness of his yearning and humility, he becomes a conduit for love and understanding. 

The good father is not the source of love and understanding. But the love and understanding shine through him. 

His fatherly, corrective, emotionless love tends to throw people back on themselves, expose their ploys, gently correct them, and remind them of principles. By respecting him and by having what they know in their heart validated on the outside, they remain free to one day bond with their Inner Light to become a child of God.

Women tease for love and correction from having to play the role of temptress. They are looking for love—the love of the father they have never known. When they do not get it—but instead get sex love or abuse, or are used as a mother to their husband's baby ego—they then take his earthy life instead. Not getting agape love, they drain him of his energy.

Most people and most relationships are animalistic in that animals, being one step from the sun, are dependent on plants or on each other for life force.

Animals do not have a direct relationship with the sun; only plants have a direct relationship with the sun, whereby they glean life-sustaining energy. Animals get their energy second hand, even through draining each other. Animals kill each other, not just for meat, but also for life force.

Humans were meant to have a direct relationship with the Creator, getting their motivation, energy, creativity and purpose directly from the Creator's Spiritual Sun, just as a plant relates directly to the earthly sun.

Decadent humans, fallen away form a direct relationship with the Spiritual Sun, live off each other—robbing, plundering and seducing life force from each other in order to survive in a vampire-ghoulish existence.

That is why you must learn to meditate, to go within and find a bond with the inner Light from God.

You will then become dependent on Him for guidance, love, and above all, patience. You will no longer live off others, and others will not live off you. You will become truly independent from others (because of your dependence on God).

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