Breaking Free From Problems and Upset

"Everyone who sins is a slave of sin." These are the words of the Messiah. The proof that sin really does exist is right before our eyes. All we need do is look at how we become enslaved to everything. If you are not currently a slave of alcohol, marijuana, food, bills, work, or pills, then how about your mother, aunt or boss that you can't say no to?

Whatever it is that you can't live without, you are a slave to. You may euphemistically say that you love your wine, your poker, or your favorite indulgence--but if you can't say no to it, then you are a slave.

Men become enslaved to women to support their ego, and women become enslaved to judging men and then serving them out of guilt for having judged them.

Next time you have a big resentment of someone, notice how afterwards certain smells or sounds affect you. After having resented someone, even just the mmemory of the incident can give you an upset stomach and a headache. Careful, or you might become enslaved to taking some pills as a remedy.

I think I have made my point. But here's another exampe: work ought to have a modest sense of accomplishment attached to it, even a small measure of joy. But it was never meant to dominate your life. Food has its place, but it was not meant to become the focal point of our lives.

Marriage brings children into the world, and is ordained by God for man and woman to help each other. But it was not meant for selfish use of another, leading to resentment, upset, and unhappiness.

The human being was meant to be like the carefree child who jumps from bed, awaiting a day of discovery--free from the baggage of yesterday. But most of us become slaves of worry; and we come to dread what we must face during the day.

If you have hang ups. If you have things you must do and things you can't do. If you have learning blocks or blocks against any natural activity. If you can't speak up to people. It is evidence that you have sinned.

But don't be troubled. Instead, rejoice. The mental and emotional burdens you carry prove that sin does exist and you have fallen into error. That's all.

All you need do is discover where you are going wrong, make a little change, and voila: you can become free again.

For starters, I'll just give you a hint as to where you may at this very moment be sinning and not realize it. Most of us resent this and resent that. This leads to anger, irritation, judgment, hurt feelings and so on. We think we have a right to resent. But the truth is that resentment is a big error. Resement cuts you off from love. And resentment cuts you off from truth. Thereafter, you give power to the person and the environment to dominate you. You literally give up your power when you resent.

Therefore, next time you observe resentment rising, watch it and let it pass instead of indulging it. Afterwards, you will be glad you did. This is especially true when it comes to your wife or husband. You simply cannot resent and love at the same time.
Give up resentment and judgment, and love can come through you again. It could be that when resentment and judgment no longer cloud your eyes, you will see your real mate standing there, the one you loved long ago before secret resentment and judgment made you bitter.

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